Altea is a town of some
20,000 inhabitants.  It is located in
Alicante,  one of the three provinces
within the Valencian Community.  
The area is known as the the Costa
Blanca or White Coast.  It is
renowned for among other things,
its beauty, tranquility and good
weather all year round.  The region
boasts very good summers and
some of the shortest, warmest
winters in the whole of Spain.  It has
been popular with artists since the
1960's and today there are several
galleries around the town which
exhibit paintings of the beautiful
landscape in and around Altea.
Altea has its origins as a  small
fishing village, which in spite of
its beauty and location, was
not affected nor destroyed
during Spain’s tourist boom.
The town kept its character as
an old Spanish village and
continued to enjoy the
tranquility, sea views, good
beaches, and wonderful views
of the valley behind it,
indifferent to the changes that
took place on the other Costas
in Spain.
Altea has a very good selection of restaurants, with a
variety of dishes that range from local  and national to
international cuisine and at very affordable prices.
Most restaurants are located on the seafront
promenade, but there are some small and charming
restaurants at the top of the old quarter, next to the
Church Square. There is a small train station; from
here a train service runs that follows the route from
Alicante to Denia, passing through all the little villages
on the way.  This is a very popular way to get to know
the region, the landscapes are  superb.  The busy
town of Benidorm is only 15 minutes from Altea, via the
motorway. This town has plenty of night life, with clubs,
bars, discotheques, etc that are open until early  hours
in the morning. Benidorm also has plenty of shops and
markets that  are open every day of the year.
About 20 minutes by car from Altea are the tourist attractions of Aqualandia,
Mundomar, Terra Mitica and the fantastic natural parks, Terra Natura and
Aqua Natura.

Delightful holiday accommodation on the Costa Blanca.

General information about the properties:
We are the owners of  the properties that we offer for holiday accommodation,  
and we market them directly without using agents nor representatives. The
apartments and houses are close to each other, in  the beautiful old
In the relatively new part  of the town, one finds shops banks, supermarket,
coffee shops etc. This  area is only about 5 minutes walk from any of the  
properties.  The Old Quarter has got its own free car park, situated at about 300
metres from any of the properties. The car park is secure and well lit.  The
beach is only 3 or 4  minutes walk from any of the houses. Along the sea front
there is a nice promenade, where it is very pleasant to stroll at anytime of the
year. The open air swimming pool is about ten
minutes walk away and costs 3 euros per person,
per day.  Please click on the links at the top left
of the screen to see more details of each one of
the properties.
A few years ago, the Old quarter of the town
was declared 'World Heritage', and it is
protected by law, that is to say that it is not
permitted to make any changes in the style of
its whitewashed houses, the design of its
narrow streets, or to alter the small squares or
view points.  The tranquility of the  town, plus
the charm of the old quarter, together with the
presence of the sea, beaches , the sea and
mountain views make this small Spanish town a
perfect location for holidays, or a place to
spend a long weekend, either in the summer or
winter months.
Strolling in the narrow  streets of the town, especially in the evenings, one
can see the housewives, sitting outsides theirs houses in small groups,
chatting, knitting, doing manual chores, or just watching people pass by.
This  reunion or Tertulia is traditional, and is a very old Spanish custom that
is still observed in this part of the Costa Blanca The town has a very  
attractive promenade parallel to the sea front; this is a meeting point  for
many alteanos and tourists of the region. The paseo has several
restaurants, coffee shops, and tapas
bars, where one can sit and enjoy a
coffee, or a drink in a very tranquil
environment. Altea is situated between
the cities of Alicante (70Km) and
Valencia (100) km. Each of these cities   
has its own airport with flights to the
main Spanish and European cities.  The
journey to Altea takes approximately 45
minutes from Alicante Airport  and 60
minutes from Valencia airport.
quarter of Altea.  We have made this town
our home, and have lived for the past 12
years,  All the properties were renovated in
the last 3 or 4 years. The work was
supervised by ourselves, and was carried out
using the services of architects, engineers,
blacksmiths and workmen  from this region.
This group of people ensured that when
working they  respected the original features
of each house, in order to preserve the
traditional style, whilst at the same time
making sure that as a result  they also
obtained a comfortable house with all the
necessary modern facilities.
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